Johnny Kilbane
Be sure to check out the documentary Kilbanetown Comeback at the 2015 Cleveland International Film Festival. It is the story of the Kilbane Sculpture. Also tune in to WVIZ (PBS station in Cleveland) to see the documentary A Fighting Heart at 7pm and 11pm on March 29, 2015.

Featherweight Champion of the World 1912 - 1923

Welcome to, the official site of Featherweight Champion Johnny Kilbane.  The purpose of this site is to keep alive the memory of one of the greatest fighters to ever lace up gloves in any weight class.  Johnny Kilbane was a true champion both in and out of the ring.  He held the featherweight title longer than any fighter in the history of boxing.  Memorabilia and first hand accounts of Johnny and / or his life are rare. Any contributions in the form of stories, memorabilia etc you are willing to share is greatly appreciated.

In 2012, in both Cleveland, Ohio and Achill, Ireland, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Johnny winning the title. Click on the tab 100 Yr Anniversary for more information and to check out pictures from some of the Centennial Events that have taken place.

Enjoy the site and thanks for your support.

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